Jan Philipp Drewe

Jan Philipp Drewe
Rätsch Research Group
Room: Z-695
Tel: +1 646 888 3393
Mailing Address: MSKCC – Computational Biology Center
1275 York Avenue, Box # 357
New York, NY 10065
Express Mail/Street Address: Zuckerman Research Center
415-417 East 68th Street – 6th Floor (Z-677)
New York, NY 10065


Research Interests:

My research interest lies in data diving high-throughput sequencing data, the development of methods to analyze RNA processing and the functional interpretation of association studies.

Selected Publications:

  • Drewe P, O Stegle, L Hartmann L, A Kahles, R Bohnert, A Wachter, K Borgwardt, G Rätsch. Accurate detection of differential RNA processing. Nucleic Acids Res., 41(10):5189-98, 2013. PubmedPDF.
  • Drechsel G, A Kahles, AK Kesarwani, E Stauffer, J Behr, P Drewe, G Rätsch, A Wachter. Nonsense-mediated decay of alternative precursor mRNA splicing variants is a major determinant of the Arabidopsis steady state transcriptome. Plant Cell, 25(10):3726-42, 2013. PubmedPDF.
  • Gan X, O Stegle O, J Behr, JG Steffen, P Drewe, KL Hildebrand, R Lyngsoe, SJ Schultheiss, EJ Osborne, VT Sreedharan, A Kahles, R Bohnert, G Jean, P Derwent, P Kersey, EJ Belfield, NP Harberd, E Kemen, C Toomajian, PX Kover, RM Clark, G Rätsch, R Mott. Multiple reference genomes and transcriptomes for A. thalianaNature, 477(7365):419-23, 2011. PubmedPDF.