Rätsch Group Alumni

Former Members of Rätsch Research Group
Jonas Behr Graduate Student, now Postdoc at ETH Zürich in Basel, Switzerland
Regina Bohnert Graduate Student, now at Molecular Health in Heidelberg, Germany
Fabio De Bona Graduate Student, now at Google Research Zürich, Switzerland
Katherine Redfield Chan Research Assistant, now at Columbia University, New York
Jan Philipp Drewe Graduate Student, now at Max Delbrück Center in Berlin, Germany
Melanie F. Pradier Rätsch Research Group; Graduate Student
Elisabeth Georgii Graduate Student, now at Gene Center Munich, Germany
Geraldine Jean Postdoc, now Associate Professor at University of Nantes, France
Marius Kloft Postdoc, now Assistant Professor at Humboldt University, Berlin
Xinghua Lou Xinghua Lou Postdoc, now at the A.I. startup in California, USA
Cheng Soon Ong Postdoc, now Senior Researcher at NICTA, Canberra, Australia
Petra Philips Postdoc, now at European Patent Office, The Hague, Netherlands
Sebastian Schultheiss Graduate Student, now CEO of Computomics GmbH in Tübingen, Germany
Gabriele Schweikert Postdoc, now at University of Edinburgh, UK
Hyunjung (Helen) Shin Postdoc, now Professor at Ajou University, Seoul, South Korea
Sören Sonnenburg Postdoc, now Senior Data Scientist at TomTom Research, Berlin, Germany
Linda Sundermann Rätsch Research Group; Graduate Student
Julia Vogt Rätsch Research Group; Postdoc
Christian Widmer Rätsch Research Group; currently at Microsoft research
Georg Zeller Graduate Student jointly supervised with Detlef Weigel, now at EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Alexander Zien Postdoc, now at Molecular Health in Heidelberg, Germany