Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities in the Rätsch Research Group

We participate in the following graduate programs:

Applications for postdoctoral positions are welcome. Please check the department job listing for specific offers or directly contact Gunnar Rätsch.


Application Instructions

Prospective graduate students should apply directly to any of the above graduate programs and mention Gunnar Rätsch in the application. Candidates can also get in contact with Gunnar Rätsch before application submission to discuss the various programs, the research environment or the laboratory’s research. Students already enrolled in any graduate program who wish to explore the possibility of having a rotation in the lab should send a CV and a brief statement of interest to Gunnar Rätsch. Ideal candidates have a solid technical education (computer science, statistics, math, physics) and a vivid interest in molecular biology or health informatics.


Interested postdoc applicants should have a Ph.D. in statistics, computational biology, biology/medicine, or in a related field, a solid publication record and strong professional references. The ideal candidate has demonstrated experience in the analysis of genomic or medical data, knowledge of molecular biology, and significant programming experience pertinent to the analysis of large and diverse datasets. Candidates should send a research statement, a CV and a cover letter including names of three referees to Gunnar Rätsch. If funding via a fellowship is possible, please contact Gunnar Rätsch in order to discuss his support and possible research projects.


Please send applications to:

Gunnar Rätsch,

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

1275 York Avenue, 
Box 357

New York, NY 10065