Glioblastoma Signaling Pathways


Pathway analysis of genetic alterations in glioblastoma (TCGA)

Mondrian, the Genome Data Mapper Software, maps genomic data onto pathways.

Visualize GBM data in the context of pathways using Mondrian

To map genomic data from the glioblastoma project onto a pathway of genes frequently altered in glioblastoma, use one of the links below:

Start Cytoscape

91 Sample Dataset
copy number, mRNA expression, mutations

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206 Sample Dataset
copy number, mRNA expression

Using information from the literature and public pathway databases, we have assembled a pathway representation of the most frequently altered genes in glioblastoma. This pathway is available as a Cytoscape session file or as a PDF document.

GBM Pathway Rep
GBM pathway representation (PDF and Cytoscape)

In collaboration with Lawrence Donehower, David Wheeler and Beatriz Santillan at Baylor College of Medicine, we have analyzed alterations of individual sub-pathways using copy-number alterations and mutations in 601 genes. Results from this analysis are part of the TCGA consortium paper, and can also be viewed here:

Copy-number alterations and mutations of pathway genes (91 samples)
- per sample spreadsheet (PDF)
- overall percentages mapped onto the GBM pathway (PDF)

Copy-number alterations mapped on the GBM pathway (206 samples)
- per sample spreadsheet (PDF)
- overall percentages mapped onto the GBM pathway (PDF)

frequency of alterations
Frequency of alterations mapped onto signaling pathways
sample-by-sample view
Sample-by-sample view of alterations

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