Melanie Fernandez

Melanie F. Pradier
Rätsch Research Group
Room: Z-695
Tel: +1 646 888 3395
Mailing Address: MSKCC – Computational Biology Center
1275 York Avenue, Box # 357
New York, NY 10065
Express Mail/Street Address: Zuckerman Research Center
415-417 East 68th Street – 6th Floor (Z-677)
New York, NY 10065



My interests lie at the intersection of statistics, machine learning and information theory. My goal is to apply probabilistic modeling and machine learning techniques to discover hidden information underlying data, specially in biomedical applications. I am currently doing my PhD on Bayesian non-parametric models for personalized medicine, as a member of a Marie Curie Action-ITN network ( Before starting my PhD, I spent 2 years working in the industry, first at the Sony EuTec Research Center in Stuttgart, and then at R&D Sony Corporation in Tokyo. Originally, I studied Telecommunication Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), and obtained my MSc in Information Technology at the University of Stuttgart in 2011. Past research projects include statistical signal processing, time-series analysis, rate-distortion theory and Bayesian clustering problems.