Kjong Lehmann

Kjong Lehmann
Rätsch Research Group
Room: Z-695
Tel: +1 646 888 3392
Mailing Address: MSKCC – Computational Biology Center
1275 York Avenue, Box # 357
New York, NY 10065
Express Mail/Street Address: Zuckerman Research Center
417 East 68th Street – 6th Floor (Z-677)
New York, NY 10065

Research Statement:

My research focusses on understanding phenotype-genotype relationships. I am specifically interested in bringing computational analysis tools and biological insights closer together. As a Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California (USC), I have been working on quantifying the effect of non-coding variations (find SInBaD here). I have also contributed towards understanding genomic signature in two Drosophila melanogaster populations and I am working on a genome wide association analysis on D. melanogaster. At MSKCC, I have been applying my previous research experiences to study genotype-phenotype relationships in cancer. Current efforts include understanding the genetic mechanisms behind expression and splicing differences across various cancer types based on sequencing data. Accounting for cancer specific challenges as in genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity in cancer as well as clonal evolution, is crucial in order to map phenotypic variations onto genotypic changes.


  1. D. Campo, KV. Lehmann, C. Fjeldsted, T. Souaiaia, J. Kao, SV Nuzhdin. Whole-genome sequencing of two North American Drosophila melanogaster populations reveals genetic differentiations and positive selection. Molecular Ecology 22 (20), 5084-5097
  2. KV. Lehmann, T. Chen. Exploring functional variant discovery in non-coding regions with SInBaD. Nucleic acids research 41 (1), e7