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Human miRNA Targets - Search & View
April 2005 Version
Access to previous sets of predicted target sites is available via spreadsheets.
Although hundreds of miRNAs have been discovered in mammalian genomes, the function of less than a handful of miRNAs is known. This viewer allows access to the predicted protein coding gene targets that are conserved between human and mouse/rat. Searching by miRNA will display a ranked list of gene targets and allow you to analyze each conserved target gene/sites in detail. Similarly, searching by gene name/identifier will display the sequence of the three prime UTR and the positions of the miRNA sites along the sequence, allowing you to analyze the target sites in detail.

Download the stand-alone miRanda software for miRNA target prediction (Linux, OSX, etc)

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Viewer by: Manda Wilson, Bino John, Daniel Eisenbud, Morten Lindow
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Last updated: June 6, 2005