Integrative genomic profiling of human prostate cancer

Analysis of DNA copy number, mRNA and microRNA expression, and focused exon resequencing in 218 primary and metastatic prostate cancers as well as 12 cell lines and xenografts.

Cancer Cell. 2010 Jun 24. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Data via GEO] [Data Portal]


  • Integrated genomic profiling of 218 prostate tumors provides a unique public resource
  • Androgen receptor coactivator NCOA2 is amplified in primary and metastatic disease
  • TMPRSS2-ERG positive tumors associate with 3p14 loss and its candidate target genes FOXP1, RYBP, SHQ1
  • Degree and pattern of CNAs in primary tumors is associated with risk of relapse

Use the links below for detailed results on signaling pathways and mutations, and access to the genomic data. Also visit the Data Portal to explore the data.

Signaling Pathways


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