We are studying theoretically and experimentally how reliable immune responses emerge at the system level from the unreliable responses of individual leukocytes. 

We are probing:

1. how stochasticity of signaling responses translates into functional phenotypic variability,

2. how cytokine regulation integrates cell variability in antigen response at the individual cell level towards a regulated collective response

3. how feedback regulation through cytokine and cell-cell contacts determines how the immune system matches its response to varied pathogenic challenges and tumors.

Our approach is fundamentally interdisciplinary with concomitant computational modeling and experimental testing. In particular, we are spearheading the introduction of the CyTOF at MSKCC and developing new quantitative methodologies to monitor the immune response. Additionally, our method consists in making and validating theoretical predictions to quantify and control how immune responses emerge as dynamically- and collectively-regulated properties of the immune system. 

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